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Keywords: Waveform
Downloads: 12
[audio][inoquo038] waveform - city vibes - waveform
Second release from waveform on inoQuo. A new concept to explore with this four track ep.
Keywords: inoQuo; minimal techno; waveform
Downloads: 5,407
[texts]Korg Micro Korg DWGS Waveform Reference List - Paquito Salazar
Korg microKorg's DWGS waveform list and visual reference.
Keywords: korg; microkorg; dwgs; waveform
Downloads: 209
[audio][inoquo033] waveform - return - waveform
We are glad to present you a new artist on inoQuo. Waveform, from Saint-Petersburg makes a slow deep techno with some dub influences. Enjoy with this sweet Ep!
Keywords: inoQuo; minimal techno; waveform
Downloads: 4,403
[texts]The median method for the reduction of noise and trigger jitter on waveform data (Volume 110) - Paulter, N.G.
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Keywords: noise; aberration; median; median method; waveform
Downloads: 136
[audio]Mr Sam - Closure: The Album - Mr Sam
This is a Movie, about a creative Shrink.
Keywords: Music; Mr Sam; Closure; aWave; Waveform Productions
Downloads: 76
[texts]generalmanual 000044036
generalmanual 000044036
Keywords: modulation; steps; freq; mode; waveform; generator; arbitrary; khz; mhz; input; modulation freq; arbitrary waveform; waveform generator; function generator; pulse generator; generator mode; dual tone
Downloads: 10
[audio]mix tape netlabel 05
5tw mix of the catalogue : Foton - Douce Nuit all tracks from Waveform " moving shadow "release on deep in dub tracks list 01.Sleep Making Machine 02.Elegant Movements 03.Red Line 04.Fractal 05.Nova Prospect 06.Disappearing Structures 07.Moving Shadow
Keywords: foton; mix; mix tape; dub techno; waveform; deep in dub
Downloads: 105
[texts]22. Copy Of Electronics IJECIERD MIMO Radar Waveform Ruturaj Inchal OPaid ( 1)
Ambiguity function provides an effective way for analysis of the resolving performance of a radar system. Multiple-Input Multiple-Output radar has been shown to provide greater performance in theory and in practice. MIMO radars are equipped with the capacity to freely choose their transmitted waveforms at each aperture. In conventional radar systems Woodward’s ambiguity function is used to characterize waveform resolution performance...
Keywords: Radar Waveform; Ambiguity Function (AF); Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO)
Downloads: 2
[audio]Luscombe's Choice: Jeff Mills & Waveform Transmission Vol 1 - Luscombe
This evening's Luscombe's Choice focuses on Jeff Mills' first album, the seminal Waveform Transmission Vol. 1, which was released on Tresor in 1992. Luscombe also speaks with Jeff Mills who elaborates on the concept behind the album, the history of rave music and the state of techno.
Keywords: Luscombe's Choice: Jeff Mills & Waveform Transmission Vol 1
Downloads: 104
[texts]BBC Monograph Number 58
BBC Monograph 58: Sine-squared Pulse and Bar Testing in Colour Television. L.E. Weaver.
Keywords: pulse; signal; waveform; amplitude; distortion; bar; luminance; chrominance; modulation; delay; bar waveform; augmented signal; bar signal; modulation envelope; chrominance pulse; colour television; augmented pulse; test signal; waveform distortion; linear waveform
Downloads: 46
[texts]Kinetic-studies using a highly sensitive microphone detector (Volume 93) - Braun, W.
Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards
Keywords: gas phase; CO2 laser; energy transfer; optoacoustic; waveform analysis
Downloads: 59
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1964-05
R&D Report 1964-05 : Simulation of line-store standards conversion without interpolation F.A. Bellis This report describes experiments carried out in order to study some of the fundamental effects associated with the process of line-store standards conversion. These effects were studied by employing a simulation technique which is explained in detail. The design of the necessary apparatus is described, and its performance discussed.
Keywords: sawtooth; raster; conversion; scan; field; scanning; simulation; waveform; lines; output; perturbing waveform; blanking waveform; field scan; lower standard; sawtooth generator; downward conversion; waveform generator; picture source; frequency sawtooth; standards conversion
Downloads: 29
[audio]Luscombe's Choice: Jeff Mills & Waveform Transmission Vol 1, Part 2 - Luscombe
This week hear Part 2 of Luscombe's conversation with Jeff Mills and selections from Mills' seminal first album, Waveform Transmission Vol. 1. Mills speaks of the role of technology in dance music, the development of electronic music since the early nineties and his relationship with Tresor.
Keywords: Luscombe's Choice: Jeff Mills & Waveform Transmission Vol 1; Part 2
Downloads: 74
[texts]Electronics ( from theory into practice ) - J.E. Fisher & H.B. Gatland
J.E. Fisher & H.B. Gatland Electronics ( from theory into practice ) Pergamon Press Ltd. 1966 Acrobat 7 Pdf 11.2 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Electronics; Valve; Diode; Transistor; Amplifier; Power Supply; Waveform Generator; Components
Downloads: 1,159
[texts]Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 13 No. 12 (1962-08)(Hewlett-Packard)
Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 13 No. 12 (1962-08)(Hewlett-Packard)
Keywords: input; sweep; oscilloscope; sensitivity; deflection; vertical; volts; amplifiers; waveform; cps; input coupling; level control; identical vertical; deflection amplifiers; calibrator waveform
Downloads: 35
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1977-06
R&D Report 1977-06 : CEEFAX: measurement techniques M.G. Croll New techniques have been developed to measure the characteristics of a CEEFAX waveform and to assess the performance of a CEEFAX installation. Methods are discussed for measuring the normal CEEFAX waveform in terms of its level and other factors which affect the CEEFAX service at a receiving installation. Techniques are also described for assessing the CEEFAX performance of signal paths using special test signals...
Keywords: ceefax; waveform; data; signal; oscilloscope; measurement; eye; display; horizontal; pulse; horizontal deflection; data level; ceefax waveform; data waveform; eye pattern; oscilloscope display; ceefax performance; eye display; ceefax eye; ceefax pulse
Downloads: 33
[texts]BSTJ 53: 6. July-August 1974: An Algorithm for Locating the Beginning and End of an Utterance Using ADPCM Coded Speech. (Rosenthal, L.H.; Schafer, R.W.; Rabiner, L.R.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 53: 6. July-August 1974 pp 1127-1135. An Algorithm for Locating the Beginning and End of an Utterance Using ADPCM Coded Speech. (Rosenthal, L.H.; Schafer, R.W.; Rabiner, L.R.)
Keywords: speech; algorithm; adpcm; waveform; energy; quantizer; word; sequence; quantization; code; bell system; waveform corresponding; step size; system technical; speech waveform; decoded speech; code word; voice response; adpcm speech; differential pcm
Downloads: 31
[texts]BSTJ 58: 3. March 1979: A Comparison of thne Performance of Four Low-Bit-Rate Speech Waveform Coders. (Tribolet, J.M.; Noll, P.; McDermott, B.J.; Crochiere, R.E.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 58: 3. March 1979 pp 699-712. A Comparison of thne Performance of Four Low-Bit-Rate Speech Waveform Coders. (Tribolet, J.M.; Noll, P.; McDermott, B.J.; Crochiere, R.E.)
Keywords: coders; coder; ratings; speech; waveform; talkers; bandwidth; predictor; atc; transform; block diagram; bit rate; waveform coders; median ratings; speech waveform; transmission rate; objective measures; bell system; system technical; bit assignment
Downloads: 58
[texts]Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 17 No. 6 (1966-02)(Hewlett-Packard)
Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 17 No. 6 (1966-02)(Hewlett-Packard)
Keywords: signal; oscilloscope; signals; waveform; color; pulse; frequency; amplitude; video; test signals; differential gain; sweep speed; video signal; vertical amplifier; waveform oscilloscope; pass filter; television waveform; modulated stairstep; white reference
Downloads: 32
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1960-11
R&D Report 1960-11 : A moblie laboratory used in the U.H.F. television survey of 1957/58 E.W. Taylor, L.C. Munn This report describes the mobile laboratory used by the B.B.C. Research Department for assessing the reception conditions during the Band I/Band V comparison tests carried out in 1957/8. The mobile laboratory was equipped for the measurement of vision field strength and test waveforms, and the subjective assessment of the picture quality resulting from the transmissions from Crystal Pa...
Keywords: series; tests; waveform; aerials; frequency; signal; band; aerial; receiver; laboratory; receiving chains; pneumatic mast; mobile laboratory; test waveform; waveform monitor; signal generator; television survey; field strength; receiving chain; test facilities
Downloads: 41
[texts]Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 38 No. 4 (1987-04)(Hewlett-Packard)
Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 38 No. 4 (1987-04)(Hewlett-Packard)
Keywords: data; failure; waveform; software; generator; reliability; semiconductor; testing; arbitrary; rate; failure rate; arbitrary waveform; finite element; waveform generator; software reliability; data generator; testing process; roll forward; data board; accelerating factor
Downloads: 57
[texts]Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 40 No. 1 (1989-02)(Hewlett-Packard)
Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 40 No. 1 (1989-02)(Hewlett-Packard)
Keywords: frequency; data; phase; signal; measurement; input; output; digital; signals; waveform; time interval; virtual circuit; input signal; waveform synthesis; trigger level; digital waveform; time base; block diagram; command translator; measurement hardware
Downloads: 108
[texts]mit :: ai :: aim :: AIM-128
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.mit :: ai :: aim :: AIM-128
Keywords: channel; output; argument; input; viewed; generated; waveform; display; wave; raster; output channel; input channel; second argument; viewed channel; pot units; data point; generated waveform
Downloads: 36
Keywords: harmonics; trio; waveform; waveforms; syntauri; wave; sounds; preset; harmonic; program; sounds trio; pulse wave; trio wavemaker; trio waveform; pulse waves; draw waves
Downloads: 43
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1968-11
R&D Report 1968-11 : The impairment caused by phase-perturbation of the colour sub-carrier in a colour television system of the NTSC type D.W. Osborne This report describes subjective tests which were made to determine the picture impairment introduced when the quadrature-modulated chrominance sub-carrier in a colour television system of the NTSC type is subjected to a systematic switched phase-perturbation...
Keywords: impairment; colour; ntsc; perturbation; tests; waveforms; phase; waveform; picture; subjective; switching waveform; subjective tests; picture impairment; ntsc type; colour television; horizontal strips; television system; impairment caused; phase perturbation
Downloads: 33
[texts]Korg Polysix Service Notes

Keywords: adjust; check; confirm; waveform; set; octave; dvm; oscilloscope; frequency; leds; set octave; clock cycle; maximum clock; click noise; circuit board; single key; set waveform; oscillation frequency; connect oscilloscope
Downloads: 114
[texts]MFB-Polylite Owner's Manual

Keywords: osc; midi; waveform; adsr; cutoff; level osc; lfo; monophonic; polyphonic; mode; modulation; press rec
Downloads: 31
[texts]Megazwerg Owner's Manual

Keywords: output; input; megazwerg; internally; prewired; sequencer; inputs; slewl; waveform; inl; ring modulator; internally wired; mod sequencer
Downloads: 81
[texts]Dual LFO Owner's Manual

Keywords: lfo; lfol; speed; input; offers; waveform; reset; waveforms; control; descending; speed control; offers three; dual lfo
Downloads: 23
[texts]CLOAD Magazine (May 1980)

Keywords: armor; program; mode; instructions; screen; computer; coin; choices; cartesian; waveform; mail armor; type game; cityscape cover
Downloads: 51
[texts]Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: Voltage Cursor Adapter
Folkscanomy Electronics Articles: Voltage Cursor Adapter
Keywords: voltage; cursor; circuit; waveform; cmos; adapter; solder; hookup; multipurpose; potentiometer; voltage cursor; turns counter; cursor lines
Downloads: 54
[texts]On measuring the root-mean-square value of a finite record length periodic waveform (Volume 94) - Teague, E.C.
Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
Keywords: surface roughness; periodic surface profile; periodic waveform; root-mean-square value
Downloads: 66
[texts]Roland MPG-80 Owner's Manual

Keywords: programmer; midi; modulation; vcf; vco; invert; depth; connector; xmod; waveform; key follow; din cord
Downloads: 127
[audio][DigitalDiamonds027L] Point - Waveform
After a very short time, we are proud to present Point's second album "Waveform" exclusively on Digital Diamonds. "Waveform" draws an excellent bow from groovy dancefloor techno bombs over to psychedelic vibes up to relaxed and warm chill sounds for stoned couchpotatoes. Anyway, you will find your track opening your heart!
Keywords: Point; Waveform; Digital Diamonds; Techtrance; Techno; Trance; Downbeat; Album; Free; Netlabel
Downloads: 274
[texts]Circuit Designs 1 ( collected circards ) - P. Williams, J. Carruthers, J.H. Evans & J. Kinsler
P. Williams, J. Carruthers, J.H. Evans & J. Kinsler Circuit Designs 1 ( collected circards ) A Wireless World publication IPC Business Press Ltd. 1975 Acrobat 7 Pdf 13.9 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Keywords: Electronics; Circuits; Comparator; Schmitt; Waveform Generator; Active Filter; Optoelectronics; Constant Current
Downloads: 949
[texts]hp :: integral :: 82919A IPC Serial Interface Service Feb85
From the bitsavers.org collection, a scanned-in computer-related document.hp :: integral :: 82919A IPC Serial Interface Service Feb85
Keywords: serial; interface; uart; replace; error; test; data; integral; troubleshooting; signal; test waveform; step action; serial interface; auto serial; serial test; waveform schematic; error type; test connector; function key; status register
Downloads: 27
[texts]BSTJ 41: 2. March 1962: Maximization of the Fundamental Power in Nonlinear Capacitance Diodes. (Morrison, J.A.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 41: 2. March 1962 pp 677-721. Maximization of the Fundamental Power in Nonlinear Capacitance Diodes. (Morrison, J.A.)
Keywords: max; waveform; maximum; power; fundamental; conduction; diode; charge; sin; diodes; obtainable fundamental; capacitance diodes; charge waveform; nonlinear capacitance; forward conduction; maximum obtainable; bell system; maximum power; power transfer; lower bound
Downloads: 58
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1989-17
R&D Report 1989-17 : A waveform capture and storage unit and its use for investigating disturbances on digital transmission links. A. Oliphant, R.E. Vialls, R.M. Inman This report describes a unit to capture analogue waveforms and store them digitally. It was designed for investigation of bitstream disturbances in the BBC's PCM audio distribution network which uses an 8448 kbit/s multiplex of digital audio signals carried on analogue video circuits...
Keywords: bitstream; interference; visads; store; disturbances; digital; bbc; waveform; pcm; unit; digital transmission; coaxial cables; front panel; processor board; waveform capture; disk drive; transmission links; storage unit; tti engineers; trigger pulse
Downloads: 31
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1977-23
R&D Report 1977-23 : Metal halide discharge lamps: the measurement of intensity ripple and a note on the operation at high supply frequencies. E.W. Taylor Details of the equipment used to measure the variations of light intensity ('intensity ripple') from metal-halide discharge lamps are discussed, and an estimate of the accuracy of the ripple ratio values derived from the measurements is given. The assessment of the "safe" lamp supply frequency, above which the effects of intensity ripple on fi...
Keywords: lamp; ripple; supply; waveform; exposure; ratio; ballast; frequency; safe; voltage; shutter angle; intensity ripple; lamp supply; camera frame; supply frequency; ripple waveform; frame frequency; ripple ratio; safe lamp; supply frequencies
Downloads: 43
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1967-53
R&D Report 1967-53 : Up-conversion by means of a line-store standards converter using a line-delay interpolator V.G. Devereux This report is concerned with the conversion of 405-line television signals to 625-line signals using a line-store standards converter incorporating a line-delay interpolator. The basic operations carried out on the video signals in such a converter are described and an outline is given of the circuit arrangement required to control these operations.
Keywords: output; input; lines; interpolation; signal; pulses; delay; waveform; signals; store; delay unit; interpolation waveform; input lines; video signal; output lines; standards converter; successive input; output signal; video signals; delay systems
Downloads: 30
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1962-01
R&D Report 1962-01 : Tests of three systems of bandwidth compression of television signals G.F. Newell, W.K.E. Geddes This report describes an investigation into three similar methods of reducing the bandwidth required for the transmission of television pictures. The three methods all involve the isolation of the essential brightness changes in the picture; these are redistributed to occur at a uniform rate for transmission...
Keywords: bandwidth; waveform; brightness; pulses; pictures; amplitude; required; picture; quantized; system; three systems; bandwidth reduction; brightness changes; bandwidth required; channel capacity; pictures produced; picture elements; picture quality; video waveform; television signals
Downloads: 37
[texts]IC Datasheet: ICS 1261
IC Datasheet: ICS 1261
Keywords: oscillator; waveform; osc; ics; output; digital; clock; frequency; address; oscillator chip; digital oscillator; clock output; control register; waveform table; integrated circuit; hold time; oscillator interrupt; frequency low; accumulator bits
Downloads: 16
[texts]BSTJ 58: 3. March 1979: Objective and Subjective Performance of Tandem Connections of Waveform Coders with an LPC Vocoder. (Goodman, D.J.; Scagliola, C.; Cochiere, R.E.; Rabiner, L.R.; Goodman, J.)
Bell System Technical Journal, 58: 3. March 1979 pp 601-629. Objective and Subjective Performance of Tandem Connections of Waveform Coders with an LPC Vocoder. (Goodman, D.J.; Scagliola, C.; Cochiere, R.E.; Rabiner, L.R.; Goodman, J.)
Keywords: lpc; waveform; tandem; coders; cvsd; coder; adpcm; speech; adm; sbc; step size; sbc sbc; waveform coders; bell system; tandem connections; subjective quality; speech material; system technical; lpc distance; objective measures
Downloads: 51
[texts]Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 2 No. 10 (1951-06)(Hewlett-Packard)
Hewlett-Packard Journal Vol. 2 No. 10 (1951-06)(Hewlett-Packard)
Keywords: integrator; output; voltage; frequency; triangular; waveform; circuit; wave; generator; voltages; triangular waveform; sine wave; square wave; output system; output amplifier; low frequency; triangular voltage; time constant; frequency control; output frequency
Downloads: 24
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1960-08
R&D Report 1960-08 : The UHF Television Survey of 1957/8: Objective measurements compared with some subjective assessments G. F. Newell, E. W. Taylor This report describes objective measurements of signal-to-noise ratios and of waveform distortions using a 'pulse-and-bar' test waveform. The results of these measurements are compared with subjective assessments. The agreement is fairly good in view of the fact that the objective measurements did not include noise or waveform distortion occurring ...
Keywords: subjective; noise; waveform; assessment; series; grade; assessments; measurements; samples; distortion; grade heading; cent samples; waveform distortion; objective measurements; subjective assessment; heading column; standard deviation; subjective assessments; subjective noise; video signal
Downloads: 47
[texts]generalmanual 000067321
generalmanual 000067321
Keywords: fluke; input; mhz; scopemeter; waveform; voltage; series; dual; iii; measurements; cat iii; dual input; fluke corporation; series fluke; pulse width; optically isolated; color scopemeter; waveform compare; time base; test leads
Downloads: 10
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1976-18
R&D Report 1976-18 : CEEFAX: Computer based time-domain and frequency-domain analysis of system responses to test pulses. M.G. Croll In the course of CEEFAX tests conducted in Germany, the IT pulse responses of systems and sub-systems were photographed. This report describes techniques developed to compute amplitude and phase responses in the frequency-domain derived from 1T waveforms, and to enable the responses of sub-systems to be calculated from the response at different points within a syst...
Keywords: pulse; waveform; amplitude; errors; analysis; mhz; response; digitising; components; ceefax; inverse fourier; ceefax eye; group delay; main pulse; intersymbol components; fourier analysis; time response; pulse waveform; eye pattern; true base
Downloads: 29
[texts]BBC Research and Development Report Number 1978-17
R&D Report 1978-17 : Digital video: bit-rate reduction by removal of the line-blanking portion of the waveform. M.G. Croll Equipment has been constructed in which the bit-rate of a digital video signal is reduced by removing the line-blanking portion of the video waveform. This enables the digital video word rate to be reduced from three-times colour-subcarrier frequency, 3f(sc), (13.300875 MHz) to 704-times television line frequency (11.000000 MHz)...
Keywords: digital; waveform; signal; sample; video; phase; circuits; sync; television; subcarrier; sample rate; digital television; digital video; television waveform; video signal; sample values; colour burst; buffer store; colour subcarrier; digital sync
Downloads: 43
[texts]PWM Driver v1.06 (1994)(Sega)
PWM Driver v1.06 (1994)(Sega)
Keywords: pwm; sega; data; driver; sound; map; waveform; preliminary; timbre; version; pwm driver; preliminary version; version property; sound production; pwm sound; production mode; waveform synthesis; tone editor; timbre number; sound sources
Downloads: 23
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